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Stories below are reprinted from the April 16, 2014, issue of U.S. 1 Newspaper.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Cover Story: Life Imitates Art, And a Novelist’s House is Razed

by Michele Alperin

Growing up as a “foreign service brat,” Edmund Keeley did not have a single spot he called home. But in 1954 he and his wife settled in Princeton for the long haul, with Keeley an instructor in English at the university. When he got tenure, they decided to get a university loan and buy a house. “We found a lovely house at the end of Tyson Road; it had a lovely back lawn with huge trees all around,” says Keeley, adding that the property also sported a perfectly round putting green.

Cover Story: Land Values Rise, Small Houses Fall

by Michele Alperin

Looking at the issues raised by Edmund Keeley’s novel from a broader perspective, Jim Constantine, principal at Nassau Street-based Looney Ricks Kiss, professional planner, and Princeton resident, notes that a number of different dynamics are at play. “One is that existing property owners sometimes have lived in the community, reared a family, are members of civic organizations and houses of worship, and have done their banking in a community all their lives, and now have a chance to sell their greatest financial asset, their homes,” he says.

Fast Lane: Social Media for Pharma

by Diccon Hyatt

Your relatives at the dinner table may not be too interested in hearing about your medical problems, but if you discuss illness, medications, and treatment on the Internet, an Israeli company called Treato is very interested in what you have to say. Treato, a medical social media company founded in 2009, has just begun to commercialize, and is in the business of “interpreting the really rich patient conversations that are happening daily,” in the words of Ezra Ernst, head of Treato’s American division.

Fast Lane: Heartland Makes a Play for Lunch Money

Heartland Payment Systems has bought a piece of the school lunch business. The Nassau Street-based company, one of the country’s largest payment processors, has purchased Louisiana-based MCS software, which provides point-of-sale systems and online payment services for 4,000 K-12 schools nationwide.
 The acquisition adds to Heartland’s position in the school lunch business, which already accounts for about 35 percent of public schools nationwide, about 34,000 in total.

Fast Lane: On the Move

Crosstown Moves
Berlitz International (BTZ), 400 Alexander Park, Princeton 08540; 609-514-9650; fax, 609-514-9675. Sandy Welsh, consumer marketing director.

Preview: New Season Opens at Bucks County Playhouse

by Ron Shapella

The Bucks County Playhouse (BCP) in New Hope, Pennsylvania, belongs to an earlier — pre-digital — age when would-be actors followed their hearts and dreamt of trying out their singing and acting chops.
The playhouse embodied that tradition for decades, but thanks to unsuccessful operations, flooding, and changing audience trends it lost its luster as it entered the 21st century.

Preview: Trenton Celebrates Newark’s Aljira’s 30 Years of Artmaking

by Ilene Dube

If you have not been to Newark lately, there’s a renaissance going on. And as with so much urban renewal, the catalyst is the arts. There is the New Jersey Performing Arts Center, of course, but since the 1980s, Aljira, a Center for Contemporary Art, has been a major force.

Preview: In New Brunswick, 'Our Town' and the Art of Community

by Dan Aubrey

Thornton Wilder’s play “Our Town” has been called “the great American drama” and with good reason. The work — set in “every town” in early 20th-century New England — packs a lot of Americana into its three acts.

Preview: Crossroads Theater Review: 'Lift'

by Neal Zoren

"Lift,” Walter Mosley’s world premiere play at New Brunswick’s Crossroads Theater, compacts the life cycle of a romance — encounter, attraction, internal conflicts, vulnerability, and the possibility of genuine love — into a single setting during a short span.

Preview: McCarter Review: 'The Marriage of Figaro'

by Stu Duncan

The ambitious staging of “The Figaro Plays” continues at McCarter Theater. “The Marriage of Figaro” was written three years after “The Barber of Seville” (which premiere last week and is running in repertory) contains many of the same principal characters and was produced exactly three years later. It is longer (by about an hour), filled with plot twists, both in mood and structure, and is very indicative of the shift in social attitudes before, during, and after the French Revolution.

Preview: Opportunities

Volunteer Please
American Diabetes Association seeks volunteers for the Princeton Tour de Cure on Sunday, June 8, from 6 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at Educational Testing Services, 660 Rosedale Road, Princeton. A fundraising cycling event for riders of all experience levels, the goal is to raise funds for diabetes research, education, advocacy, the camp for children with diabetes, and finding a cure.

Survival Guide: Money? Power? So What’s Next?

by Diccon Hyatt

Sometimes change comes on gradually, and other times it hits you on the head.

It was, in fact, a blow to the head that caused Arianna Huffington, founder and editor in chief of the Huffington Post, to re-think her harried lifestyle. “There’s no question that there’s been a dramatic shift since my wake-up call, which was seven years ago yesterday in 2007, when I collapsed from exhaustion, sleep deprivation, and burnout,” she says.

Survival Guide: The Bag Lady Aims for the Sky

by Scott Morgan

Before she became the Wealthy Bag lady, Linda Hollander wasn’t that far from being an actual bag lady. Stuck in what she calls “the poverty trap” — abusive relationship, lousy job, more bills than a duck pond, and only an art degree from UCLA to go on — Hollander had an epiphany. Her troubles would best be solved if she just started an incredibly successful business.

Survival Guide: To Boost Your Brand Give It a Strong Voice

by Christine Ott

It’s a tough — but certainly not impossible — economy, and if your strategies for connecting with your audience need a bit of a boost, you may want to check out a seminar: Creating a Powerful Voice for Your Brand, sponsored by the New Jersey Communications, Advertising, and Marketing Association (NJ CAMA).

Between the Lines: To the Editor

No Sympathy For Greedy Bankers
Banking is “a very evolving industry, and it’s one that extremely over-regulates,” says Salvatore Zerilli in U.S. 1’s April 2 Survival Guide story, “Navigating the Maze of Bank Regulations.”

Excuse me. “Over-regulates”?