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Stories below are reprinted from the April 16, 2014, issue of U.S. 1 Newspaper.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Cover Story: Along the Nile, Rapid Growth

by Diccon Hyatt
When Larry Seruma was growing up in Uganda, the path to prosperity meant leaving the country, getting a foreign education, and making money overseas. Now, Seruma, 45 and living in Princeton, has come to believe the real money is in Africa.

Cover Story: Beyond Headlines, Real Opportunity

Nile Capital’s blog at recently quoted an April 16 Wall Street Journal op ed by Ian Birrell, a former speechwriter for British Prime Minister David Cameron:

Cover Story: Bullish on Africa

Larry Seruma, founder of Nile Capital at Princeton Forrestal Village, lists the following as some of his favorite companies:

Fast Lane: On the Move

Shared Office Space Coming to Carnegie
Intelligent Office, a company that provides shared and virtual office space, is opening a location at 300 Carnegie Center this summer. Intelligent Office has locations in Red Bank and Marlton in New Jersey in addition to other offices around the country.
The company caters to small businesses, professional firms, and independent contractors.

Richard K. Rein: Breaking News

by Richard K. Rein

Breaking news! Developing story. If you have been following CNN’s unrelenting coverage of the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, you by now have discovered new meanings for those two phrases.

Preview: Pratt Revisits Mahler’s ‘Canvas of Creation’

by Elaine Strauss
Michael Pratt, director of Princeton University’s program in musical performance, is conducting Gustav Mahler’s monumental Symphony No. 3 — again. “This is my third time conducting (Mahler’s Third),” Pratt says from his home in Skillman. “I seem to do it in 11-year cycles. I did it in 1992 and 2003. This time around it’s 2014.”

Preview: A Jersey Legend’s Final Bow at NJ Folk Festival

by Richard J. Skelly
It is fitting that Jim Albertson will wrap up his performing career as the legendary Garden State-centric storyteller and singer of folk songs by performing at the New Jersey Folk Festival (NJFF) on Saturday, April 26, in New Brunswick. It was here, on the same site at Woodlawn on the Douglass College campus, that Albertson began his career during the first NJFF 40 years ago.
by Susan Van Dongen
The sign on the Warren Street Bridge — “Trenton Makes, the World Takes” — was once absolutely true, especially so for the pottery industry and trades.

Preview: Off-Broadstreet Review: 'Pygmalion'

by Barbara Westergaard

In what can be seen as a departure from its more usual fare, Off-Broadstreet Theater is presenting a classic, George Bernard Shaw’s “Pygmalion.” Completed in 1912, it was Shaw’s 28th play (he wrote more than 50). A popular play, it became even better known in 1938, when a movie version was produced.

Preview: For Elliot, a Gig Near Home & Heart

by Lynn Robbins
Only one thing matters more to singer/songwriter Luke Elliot than writing or performing: knowing that he has moved his audience. “What I want people to take away from my music is a sense of connection, a sense of satisfaction,” Elliot says.

Preview: Opportunities

Donate Please
The NJ Sharing Network is an organization that works to connect organ donors with recipients. Mollie Rubinstein, team captain of Linda’s Home Team, seeks funding for her team in conjunction with the upcoming annual 5K run. Rubinstein founded the team in conjunction with her younger sister’s kidney transplant in 2011. Her new kidney came from the NJ Sharing Network.

Survival Guide: Kermit Lied: Being Green is Easy

by Scott Morgan

Implementing green options into your business doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. In fact, lowering your energy consumption and reducing your business’ carbon footprint don’t have to cost anything at all.

Survival Guide: Decisions, Decisions

by Bart Jackson

What do your market niche, your husband, your business location, your career, and today’s necktie all have in common? Each one is the result of a decision, and each, with the exception of the tie, is a choice you are going to have to live with for a long time. In the realms of business and life, the right decisions provide your best hope for success. The majority of folks agree with that, but darn few have a solid process for making those right decisions.

Survival Guide: Healthcare: The Final Frontier

by Diccon Hyatt
The words “Digital Health” may not seem exciting to most people. But most people aren’t Adam Dole, who gave up on his childhood dream of becoming an astronaut not because it was unattainable, but because it wasn’t as exciting to him as becoming an entrepreneur in the field of digital healthcare.

Between the Lines: To the Editor

Making the Case For Organ Donation

The following letter was sent last week to friends and members of the Princeton Regional Chamber of Commerce.